5 January 2011

This isn’t really arriving, but I thought I’d speak about it anyway.

Flight from Hong Kong to London was pretty good; slept for at least 7 of the 14 hours, which was luckily in sync with London sleeping time.

Arrived in Heathrow airport, and it was still unfinished. There are handwritten signs on A4 paper telling you where to go, because you can’t go a certain way as there’s a bottomless pit down the path. Yet another funny airport story I have is from the 1st time I went to Heathrow. There was just 1 water fountain, but it was as if the Native American from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (film) had dislodged it. Thankfully, someone had stuck a piece of paper on there and had written with a black permanent marker in somewhat legible writing:

Apologies, water fountain’s is out of service

This time ‘round, I got a trolley that couldn’t brake, wheeled as straight as Elton John and was easy to retrieve, having to only walk 150 metres past 11 luggage carrousels…

Ah well, you can’t be too critical, but given that it’s, for example, where the language of the world comes from, then you’d think that they’d take more care with 1st impressions.