Leading a project developing permissively-licensed, low/zero third party dependency software.

Miscellaneous projects available at git.olowe.co.

Livestreaming Go development

The Low-level streaming in Go series (chat - via IRC, too - on Twitch) is so much more popular than I ever expected. Thanks so much to everyone for all the kind words. How it all started: How this one weird editor sent a Go livestream viral.

Software engineer for hire

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Software engineer mentoring

Positions remaining: 3/5

Looking to move out of web development but not sure where to start?

I run 1-on-1 sessions, 4 hours per month. Between sessions I can ask challenging questions, review code, and help discover new directions. These are free of charge, with the following conditions:

Email me if you’re interested. This is not about getting free labour for projects I maintain (fuck modern slavery). It’s because I’m terrible at context switching and, well, I really need to spend more time on contracting gigs for the wellbeing of my bank account and starting a family!

If you’ve read this far, feel free to email me anyway. I’m happy to chat and curious about what people are up to.


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