Pendant que Je Quitte la France

16 January 2011

Grenoble, France

Even though this is just a quick one, I thought I would log it in the blog as it was interesting.

The location of the airport we were going to meant that we had to drive through Grenoble, France.

It was a good drive because the view was so amazing, with all the snow-dusted mountains visible from every window of the car. You’d think, then, that the towns where people live and work would be suited to the scenery. Imagine seeing those alps every morning from out your window! Well, unfortunately, it wasn’t the case.

The towns consisted of incredibly ugly apartments with huge airconditioning vents and aerials and whatever else stuck onto the straight, tall block. Then, most walls and buildlings had some sort of graffiti on it. What’s all that about? It wasn’t street art, it was just the usual useless shit.

I’m not so sure about street art at all because I see the art is on perfectly nicely designed buildings. I think it’s good on some things, like on the sides of trucks and on those buildings of brick and cement in places like Detroit, but not on thought out architecture.

Easy come, easy go? I don’t know, but it’s a shame whatever explanation you put to it.

France is still a stunning place graffiti or not, given all the different types of places that it contains.

Now, back to a surprisingly stunning (explanation later) England!