A Sign of Things to Come

31 March 2011

West London

Success, it seems, with this one. The only problem is that I’ve been given purely night shifts (which makes sense, it is a pub), and I live almost two hours away.

Two hours.

Apart from this, loads of fun seeing people from around the world. You expect to hear one accent and you hear another. There is a significant bit of acting involved in serving people, in being ridiculously polite all the time, but one can see it like adopting, temporarily, a more peppy, pleasant and fun personality.

Unfortunately, there are three Australians and one Kiwi working here. They seem pleasant enough, though. For the time being, they don’t seem to have that incessant, unreasonable complacency of the average Australian.

Of course this is just after the trial shift, but it’s so bloody easy that I’d be happy to receive just £6/hour (both the industry standard and minimum wage) for it. Bring on the hours.

I’ve also decided to change the tense of the entries to make it less recount-like and more travel journal-like. Yeah it sounds so ‘wanker’ now, but later down the line, it’ll be a much better read.