London Listed

31 March 2011

London, UK


• So many H&Ms • So many Monopoly streets • So many non-English people (including myself) • So many people (in general) • So much silence • So many beer drinkers compared to other alcoholic beverage drinkers • So many tube journeys (1 000 000 000 (one billion) travellers on London Underground per year) • So many ads everywhere • So many mobile phones • So much of the same, yet so much that is different • So many suburbs specific to a country/culture • So many shitty, free newspapers • So many 9-5ers • So many ways to get out of London • So many ways to stay in London


• Too much to experience • Too small a place • Too much more in the world to even bother thinking of just one world city? • Too much thought already; a waste of energy.


• Only less than three months left here • Only Ł6 per hour • Only spending money on essentials will see me backpacking all the way through to mid/late December • Only a couple hours of sunlight left