Moving forward in true England

23 April 2011

Rothley, UK

I have to do a typically English thing today and go to a several centuries old town and have a look around markets. Lots of old things. Old churches, old buildings, old everything–traditional everything. I almost bought a thirty year old lens just to fit in.

Yet, in the evening, I head off to a Chinese restaurant in the most modern shopping centre I’ve seen, and see loads of 16 & 17 year olds eating Chinese food. What is it about young people and their obssession with Asian food? How many times have I gone to Wok Bar with friends? The difference is this: do these people care/know how old their country is or will they become just the same as their parents once they get past a certain age; obssessed with all things old and traditional?

I get home and am reminded of my bodgy work payment. The more time I think about it, the more time is wasted. What would it be like if I was actually working again? Worse. More time wasted getting peanuts into some sort of peanut pile to spend when I get backpacking again. Whenever that will be…

At the end of the day, I make a decision, well past midnight: Bring on the debt. It’s the royal wedding on Friday 29th April, and this will mark the restart of proper backpacking. More good, spontaneous timing.

Hostel one booked, because it’s cheap.

Hostel two booked, because it’s supposed to be rowdy.

Train booked. 16-25 youth card purchased.

How many times have I done this stuff? Too many. Yet, it feels all the more “the start of something big”, and I can’t help but repeat to myself that there are times in life when the ability to make debt is a good thing. So, let’s get going.