21 April 2011

Leicester, UK

Thinking more and more about not working in Europe anymore. Sounds like a lot of thought about nothing since I’m hundreds of miles away from work. Working overseas just doesn’t mix with real travel overseas; you can’t get in that right mindset you need to keep going and going and going… and going. I could find exactly the same work in a cool place in Sydney, and be paid at least twice as much and not worry about wasting time in Europe…

I don’t even know why I’m thinking about it all so much. I think it’s just a matter of not wanting to give in–“but give in to what?” I ask myself. “Heel, stubbornness, heel!”

You know where else I could do bar work that is, to all intents and purposes, the same or better than what I was doing? Sydney. Can I travel freely in Europe from Sydney? Not at all, but I do get paid less than half as much in Europe for the same job behind a bar. Ideally, I should have gotten some work in a ski resort to make the most of this necessity of work in Europe.

I don’t think anyone would find any of this interesting at all.

All of this talk of money and the EU and the GFC makes me realise how lucky I am to have Sydney to go back to. Spoilt bloody rotten.

P.S. This is what I mean by sabbatical. Unfortunately it’s very, very loud where I sit as there’s a golf course for a neighbour…