The Traveller Turned Commuter

7 April 2011


I’m waked by the bright light of the screens of Piccadilly Circus to only see it devoid of people. Lightening my sombre, tired mood, the song “Money” by Pink Floyd comes on at just the same moment. Haha! London, you see, is the town that does sleep; it gets much, much quieter on the streets after a certain time when most Londoners have gone to bed. Sure, there are relatively quite a lot of people on the buses relative to those on the streets, but it’s much smaller than the people you would expect of a city of over ten million people. Maybe the clubbers are still at it when I’m out and about on the streets, at around 1:30/2am.

If that’s the case, do I feel like I’m missing out a bit? Yes. The night shifts and the place I sleep are prohibitive of any sort of social interaction outside of work time. Luckily those that I work with are pretty much in the same situation, and the frequent customers are… memorable and interesting.