23 May 2011

Den Haag, Nederland

But oh, that magic feeling: oh where to go… Oh that magic feeling: nowhere to go, nowhere to go!

It’s true; there is something magical about folding open a big, fat detailed map and just being flabbergasted at all the possibilities of what to do. In my case, my map is of Europe, with each country’s Borders hand over-lined to make it more visible, lovingly by me.

Spending the day fantasising, but not really organising a whole lot considering the amount of time passing. That said, you’re unaware of the importance of a rest day until you actually have one.

South Spain, after discovering it’s already Summer down there, and with the prospect of ditching some stuff out of this bulging monster that I call a backpack, is a beautiful thought. Also, I’ll have properly done the west of western Europe (Spain will suffice for Portugal and Belgium, well… is France + Holland for me). It’s a nice thought that I finish the day thinking of.

Until my cousin comes back and we make fun of Italians on Grand Theft Auto. End on a hearty, mindless video-game-induced laugh.