Picking Up The Pieces

24 May 2011

Apeldoorn, Nederland

Came back to where I started, where I first met ome of the many relatives, with maps and computer in hand. In the depths of your mind you know when you’re at the end of an era, short or long, when you have those things constantly in arm’s reach.

For those who aren’t traveling, it sometimes just looks like normal ‘going about his business’ – rolling up anything that can be rolled up to save space and figuring out which little pocket the passport is hidden in this time. Unfortunately as a result, the announcement of a final goodbye is awkward, so the lesson is make it clear to people that you’re leaving them.

Now that I’ve picked things up and left others behind at my uncle and aunty’s place, including the all important Royal Wedding Souvenir, I head off to my last stop in the Netherlands where the airport lies, on the road with Frederique on the quiet, unlit Dutch roads. They’re making my imagination and speculation of the Costa del Sol on the south coast of Spain ever much louder on this cold and dark night.