Rotterdam, Not Amsterdam

15 May 2011

Rotterdam, Nederland

During the night I had a really weird nightmare thing, involving me, war and failing to rescue children. Awfully real, so with the little resulting sleep I wasn’t in any good shape for doing much today.

Nonetheless, you’d be right in guessing that I’m on the bike today – again. Today is a 50km tour of Rotterdam. First up is the Klonderdijk.

There’s nineteen of these bad boys all in sight. They almost look too picturesque to ever be functional, but they were very functional.

Then into the very modern Rotterdam, the only reason for which was because it was bombed to pieces during WWII as it has the largest port in Europe. Even now, apparently, the Netherlands imports the most of any country in Europe. There’s still a very Dutch vibe about, I see, sipping on my very tasty ‘white’ beer.

Some crazy person thought in the 80s thought it would be funny for people to live in cubes, but somebody took the idea quite seriously…

Just shows how amazingly located these hostels can be; there’s a hostel cube among these somewhere…

Over a huge bucketload of strawberries & cream, I discuss among other things where to go next in Europe. The water of the harbour shivers from the Atlantic, but luckily for it, it doesn’t have to worry about packing wamr gera, unlike me. That’s to say that the appeal of a more Summer-y place is almost like a fantasy, but it can be realised in an instant if I wanted to.

Oh and before I finish, I’m going to Amsterdam tomorrow. Obviously, it’s not really what’s on my mind. Yeah, Amsterdam has a reputation longer larger than the country it belongs to,but I don’t have such a good feeling about it. It’s not what I came to the Netherlands for, but I guess you do have to do it.

June 13th, 2011 9:00pm