The Big Idea

9 May 2011

Nunspeet, Nederland

How oh how is this going to work?

Thinking of how to “do” Holland. I keep hearing about how flat, small and easily navigable this country is. Also, every single person in Holland has at least two bikes, and there are just as many bike lanes on every road. That all makes sense.

Ok! I’ve formulated a little tour to start tomorrow, something like 200km. Cheap. Freedom. Seems like a fairly obvious thing to do in this country. Considering I weigh a mere 62kg now (putting weigh back on, don’t worry) wearing a backpack when riding is no problem, either.

To be honest, I’m looking forward to getting back on a bike. Every time I glance up from my book here, it’s sitting there in the kitchen, waiting.

Not that all the partying “travellers” give a stuff, but it feels good to be doing some real travel with just a compass and the backpack. Maybe I’ll get a map…