London To Delhi

12 January 2013

When you’re looking through those departure & arrival information boards, you can usually just skim through them all pretty easily; all those places with all those ks and hs all in the wrong places. There are so many of them to skim through, and you sorta know where Colombo is but it doesn’t really mean anything to you.

Now that I’m here at Heathrow, there’s one row in that list on the board that does actually mean something to me, and it’s certainly really strange to have to go through that list of tropical/exotic/dry/green/wet places slowly and methodically–not going there… not going there… not going there… ah. Delhi. I am going there.

That little row on the screen should mean something, but right now all it feels like is a crowded corner of Heathrow airport with half of the drowsy crowd being Nigerians heading to Lagos and the other half Indians to Delhi, and an entire room full of no idea what to expect.