Early Mornings And Early Evenings

20 February 2013

The waves crash down on the sand every night all night. The sun would come through my open doorway, over my iPod’s music before I fell asleep. 2AM was always the first wake-up when I’d untangle the headphones away from myself then close the door. The second was always just a few hours later at 6 o’clock.

The light was always just about enough to see the cows idling on the beach and to wake the puppies up. The water was always warmer than the air. Rocks stuck out away from the shore and it was from here that you could feel the sun crawl up.

After the day started, I naturally started to think about all those little jobs back home to do, and the whole medicine thing. I was there on the rocks so far away from those little things. My throat felt full and stiff because of the flu and that there was no need to speak to for a few hours yet.

Those evenings listening to music would always be the same despite all those little anxieties in your head preventing you from falling asleep in silence. The waves still tumbled over. The mornings came and the sun always rose slowly throughout and over the branches to change the sky to brightness every morning. The thoughts came and went but the mornings on the rocks stuck around every morning and evening felt warm.