Shopping Centres

27 July 2013

Everywhere in and around Sydney there are large shopping centres which actors hubs interesting things. But I’m not talking about the things you can buy there.

In Parramatta in western Sydney a friend and I went for lunch. We almost couldn’t make it out of the car park, though. If you lose a ticket, then you have to pay the full day fair, and being a casual employee this is something Kaitlyn rightly didn’t want to do period

After trying to get a ticket from machine and failing, we decided to just complain. Then I had an idea. “Fine , You can go try that, and I’ll just try and reason with them.” Kaitlyn said, and left the car park.

I needed someone with a car to go out of their way hold a queue of traffic up behind them and reverse and go to another ticket machine and get me a new ticket.

Standing by the side of the road in the hope of asking random people favours isn’t something you should really feel familiar with but it’s worth it and it’s worth being familiar with

There was no use asking the woman in the Lexus. It’s only took the next carful of young women for that warm fuzzy feeling inside and giddy laughter.

“I’ve got it”

I told her about it, which basically was just a quick recount smiling and honesty to some random person to smiled back through the open window.

Western Sydney is supposed to be full of crime and derelicts, whereas in the north of Sydney CBD you have the North Shore and northern Beaches which is supposed to be full of stuck up spoiled brats.

What does the shopping centres of the northern Beaches tell us?

Usually there are the infamous lads at the bus stop just spitting and swearing, both loudly. One day, there were no lights, just a man running for his life.

Quote yeah mate!” This man shouted is middle-aged almost, circumpolar to be cardboard boxes under his arm so Welsey sprinted. I overheard to deliverymen speaking about how they asked the running man if he purchased them. “He didn’t look like he could afford a Dyson! They’re like 500 bucks!”.

By now, the man with not one but two Dyson vacuum cleaners had already ran deep into the hills of the suburbs.

So what is it that is so interesting about shopping centres? Random favours. Stealing. Wherever people are together, you get a glimpse of what all people, everywhere, are really like.

Like anything though it’s only sometimes like that. Sometimes you’re not so sure what to make of shopping centres: just five minutes later I was at the bus stop again, I noticed something yellow sitting on the ground by a tree. It was the last price tag which covered the abandoned chainsaw underneath.