Sydney to Lithgow

27 December 2014

Late, of course.

Busy helping Dad with trimming Benny (our family dog) and gardening and recovering from the ‘flu.

Music not finished downloading, no speakers to play music from, no paracord or guy ropes or hootchie cord for the tarp and bivvy.

Still make it to Blacktown bus stop at Sydney Central station on time. Very early. There are lots of families getting on buses, young families with many kids and prams boarding the Blacktown bus.

Jamie arrives with a big backpack (of course) wearing some funny looking clothes. He is sick too so we cough and wait for the train to Lithgow.

Lithgow is cold and foggy and dark. It’s quiet and smells like firewood. Everyone else is inside by the fireplace eating Christmas lunch leftovers. But we were looking for some place to camp. Jamie found a bush to sleep in but it’s cold and on a slope. Set alarm for sunrise. Fall asleep cold and for some reason anxious about snakes in the long grass.